October 18, 2017

State Budget Proposals: Failing to Meet the Challenges Ahead

Connecticut’s budget is the clearest statement of its policy priorities. As such, it should prioritize revenue and expense options that improve equity, advance long-term inclusive economic prosperity, and ensure support for our most vulnerable residents. To solve the short-term budget crisis and lay a strong foundation for Connecticut’s children and families, the legislature and the Governor must use all tools available, seeking both new revenue and expense-side savings.

The Connecticut General Assembly intends to vote on a budget on September 14. There are two proposals on the table: a new budget agreement between the Governor and Democratic leaders in the House and Senate, and an updated Republican proposal. House Democrats have said that they plan to bring their proposal to a vote; Republican leaders are expecting that the House will also consider their budget and bring it to a floor vote.

This Budget Brief offers a summary analysis of the two proposals based on currently available information. It finds that neither offers a truly balanced approach: one that includes both shared sacrifice and shared opportunity, addresses the structural causes of our persistent deficits, and makes strategic investments in children as part of of equitable growth strategy.